Standard Street 360 system 








If you need to make visual maps, the Standard System is the ultimate system for you!

Our Standard camera is made of high-tech composite materials. It is very light but very durable, and its weight is only 1.2Kg! It can be easily mounted on a Car, Motorcycle or carried in a backpack.


We worked very hard to make it easier for you!


The Street 360 is very simple and easy to use, everything is automatic. In fact, the driver of the car, or the person who carries the Visual Mapping system has nothing to do but drive or walk!


Watch the video and see how simple it is!

See below the few simple procedures that you need to do, in order to create a Street 360 visual map:


  1. Preparing the camera - insert the SD cards supplied with the system into the SD slots of the camera;

  2. Mount the camera on top of a car or to the backpack, both supplied with the system;

  3. Turn ON the wireless remote control and the camera, and press START;

  4. Drive or walk the street as you would usually do;

  5. Go back to the office for processing the data;

  6. Remove the SD cards from the camera and insert them into the server, then connect the wireless remote control to the server;

  7. Start the Street 360 Mapper application and press START;

  8. The Mapper Application will calculate the remaining time for processing; when the process is finished you have created a Street 360 visual map!



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