We provide three software modules as integral part of all our systems.

The GIS system includes aditional software modules as described in the GIS System product  page.

Camera and Mapping Module

The camera module consists of a number of high-resolution sensors that capture the area in 360 degrees, a GPS receiver and an orientation sensor. The unit is controlled and monitored using a computerized control system powered by a specialized software. The camera module is small, light and can be carried in a backpack or installed on a vehicle. The operation is easy and is fully automated! The operator can travel or walk around in a normal fashion, and during this process, the system will automatically capture and save location and orientation information. For example, if we want to scan a specific neighborhood, all we need to do is install the camera module on the roof of a vehicle, turn ON the system and drive the streets of the neighborhood.


Processing Module

After mapping the area, the information stored in the camera and mapping module is transferred to the processing module. The processing module is a computer server running a specialized software. The software processes the raw pictures into panoramic pictures and adds map references taken from the GPS and orientation sensors. Every panoramic picture is tiled so that it is ready for a quick display. Next, the software creates a series of panoramic pictures on the surface of the digital map that match the original route. In this way, a visual map of the area grid is created.


Display Server

After all the material is processed, we require a viewing system capable of handling the large amount of information collected, a system that will allow the user to vie the processed pictures, in panoramic mode. At the same time, the user will have the option of moving from one picture to another, and also zoom in to examine details, as if they were walking around the actual area or street. This is accomplished by our server software that can manage and manipulate large amount of data gathered via the collection process. Our server software will also allow for a large number of users to access the system and view panoramic images, whether from an organizational Intranet, or the Internet, according to the client’s needs. The Visual Mapping system also allows for the comparison of pictures taken at the same location, on different dates.

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