Bringing Maps to Life!

It does not matter if you work in Homeland Security, Civil Engineering or other industries, we have the right visual mapping system for you!


We have developed three systems for visual mapping, all you need to do is choose the one that best fits your needs!


All our systems are Extremely High-Resolution 

Each Panorama res. 60MPx (10,980 x 5,490)

Variety of Systems

Hi Res.
Standard System



The Standard system allows you to create high-resolution visual mapping. The system includes everything you need for getting the work done! It can be mounted on top of a car, carried around in a backpack or even by motorcycle. The Standard system includes all needed software in order to operate it right out of the box.

Civil Engineering Grade

The Civil Engineering Grade system is similar to the Standard system, except that it uses more accurate devices for the GIS data.  For example, we offer very accurate accelerometer sensor, sub-meter accuracy GPS, and more. If you need high-accuracy GIS information, this is the system for you!

Concealed System


The conceald system allows you to map an area without letting anyone know that you are taking pictures. For these special missions, we have developed under-cover cameras, that are not compromising on the high-resolution quality of the images.


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