• 5-color sensors of 12MP each

  • Focal length (35mm format): 15 mm

  • Aperture (F-stop): f/2.8

  • Digital WDR for dynamic light levels

  • ISO: Automatic - 100 - 400

  • Shutter speed min-max: 1/8192 s - ½ s

  • Exposure: Automatic

  • Camera White balance – Automatically

  • Metering Mode: Center-weighted average

  • 60 MP panoramas (10980 x 5490)

  • Field of view:

    • 360 degrees horizontal

    • 170 degrees vertical

  • 2 second release interval for each panorama

  • Integrated WI-FI link between camera and remote control

  • Sub-meter GNSS. SXBlue III GNSS GPS + GLONASS + RTK = 1cm Accuracy or equivalent

  • Integrated leveling and orientation sensors in the remote control.

  • 8 hours battery life time (can be extended by spare battery)

  • Memory capacity 160GB – last for more than 8 Hrs. (can be extended)

  • Camera housing made of High-Tech composite material – light but very rigid – camera weighed only 1.8 Kg.

  • Delivered in a rigid waterproof Pelican case for safe transport and field work

  • Colors available: Usually light gray or black (customer can order in any color)

  • Fully automatic leveling.

  • During 360 Mapping process data is saved for each image set for after process.

  • When processing the panoramas the Processing server automatically saves Latitude, Longitude, Image Direction, Altitude, Tilt, Pith, Roll, and the time of recording of each panoramas.

  • The System is fully automated – very simple to use

  • System is supplied with both car-mount and the backpack for walking, hiking and cycling.

  • The system is RTR (ready-to-run) straight out of the box



Street 360 Software Package:

Street 360 is offered with two software licenses in the package with no extra costs:

  • Full software package for the office server

  • Full software package for filed use on a laptop



Street 360 is supplied with full Software package which include the following software:


Processing Mapper SW

  • This software seamlessly stitch a 60 MP panorama from all sensors images.

  • Sync all panorama to the GNSS data and sensors data for leveling and orientation; mapping the routs by adding map references taken from the GPS and orientation sensors and automatically finding routs intersection; each panoramic picture is tiled so that it is ready for a quick display

  • Mapping Editor – the Editor enables viewing the mapping results and enables manually edit the mapped panoramas routs after automatic mapping process is done; this is useful in the following cases:

    • Remove sensitive area you do not wish to map

    • Connect/disconnect crossroads

    • Adjust panoramas location in case of inaccurate GPS location.

  • Duplication detection and removal – this special software automatically deletes duplicate routs in the same project



Display Server

  • Handles the enormous amount of information collected and allows multi users to view the processed, panoramic pictures, whether from an organizational Intranet or the Internet, according to the client's needs

  • Enables secure users login and management



Special features of Street 360 Software:

  • History comparison – allows to compare pictures taken on the same place in different dates

  • Object marking on panorama and on map

  • SDK for integration with GIS systems

  • Web server for unlimited number of users

  • Indoor mapping and mapping when GPS is lost

  • Can work also offline with NO Internet connection


Server Hardware

  • Processor Intel® Core i7

  • Internal Memory : Kingston 8GB 1600MHz

  • Graphic hardware: AMD Radeon 6670 1GB with 480 Stream Processing Units , 24 Texture Units, 32 Z/Stencil ROP Units, 8 Color ROP Units

  • IMAGE QUALITY ENHANCEMENT TECHNOLOGY - Up to 24x multi-sample and super-sample anti-aliasing modes, Adaptive anti-aliasing, Morphological anti-aliasing (MLAA), 16x angle independent , anisotropic texture filtering, 128-bit floating point HDR rendering

  • Fast Storage devise - 128 GB SSD, Sequential Read (up to) 475 MB/s, Sequential Write (up to) 375 MB/s, Random Read (up to) 8100 IOPS,  Random Write (up to) 4500 IOPS

  • Storage – 3TB Western Digital Caviar Red WD30EFRX

  • OS – Win 7 64 bit


System’s Components:

  • Street 360 Camera

  • Camera Control box

  • Camera extension Cable

  • Wireless Remote control with integrated GNSS receiver, leveling sensor and orientation sensor

  • Memory Cards for 8hrs.

  • Battery for 8 Hrs.

  • 110/220V Rapid Battery Charger

  • Car power cable

  • Car remote mounting

  • Car roof mounting

  • Specialized Backpack with camera mounting

  • Trolley pelican case for the camera and all the accessories

  • Server hardware with all software installed

  • Laptop with all software installed (optional)

  • Sub-meter GNSS. SXBlue III GNSS GPS + GLONASS + RTK = 1cm Accuracy or equivalent. 


Training and Support

  • On-site training – our team will come to you and train you on your system for 2-3 days (traveling costs may be charged)

  • One year free remote access for support and training

  • Free software updates for the first year

  • Unlimited time for email support. Max 72 hrs. response time




All hardware and software are tested and approved by our engineers before shipment.

The equipment is supplied READY-TO-RUN straight out of the box.

CE System Technical Specifications


All our systems are Extremely High-Resolution 

Each Panorama res. 60MPx (10,980 x 5,490)

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