Street 360 Visual Mapping system provides solutions for a variety of needs. Following are just a few of the applications of Street 360.

When you use Street 360 you decide when to update your database!

HLS, Police, Public Security & Intelligence 
  • Visual mapping of cities and open areas
  • Intelligence and information gathering
  • Preliminary planning and the study of specific areas
  • International border lines
  • Strategic facilities and buildings 
  • Site Surveys & field portfolios
  • Visual mapping of detention facilities
  • Visual comparison to monitor changes
Road, City & Municipal Maintainance & management
  • Road Maintainance (before & after)
  • Monitoring construction irregularities
  • Documentation of the city's growth and long-term appearance 
  • Collection of signposting fees
Disaster Areas & 
Disaster Evaluation
Visual mapping of disaster areas such as earthquakes, tornados, storms, floods etc., in order to freeze the image of disasters after effects for analysis and conclusions with regard to preparations for similar disaster scenarios.

Marketing & Turism

  • Visual mapping of tourist sites for marketing purposes and long-term documentation of the site
  • Visual mapping of archeological excavation sites before they are covered and buried for conservation purposes
  • Visual mapping of exhibitions in order to provide visitors a virtual tour of the exhibition
  • Visual mapping of large shopping centers for marketing purposes


If you think we missed something, or you have suggestions for our Visual Mapping System, please let us know!

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